ARTS Overlay Review Committee

Members: Andrea Doughty (Chair), Mary Brown, Giorgio Furioso, Ben Harris, Jim Kane, Joe Kerger, Khalid Pitts, Linda Welch

In 2009, ANC 2F’s special Arts Overlay Review Committee was tasked with reviewing the provisions of the ARTS Overlay Zoning District, in particular the 25% limitation related to restaurants/bars on 14th Street NW, in order to determine what more the zoning regulations could do to encourage vibrant development of daytime retail and other uses on 14th Street. (For information about this zoning district, see Chapter 19 of the District’s Zoning Regulations, DCMR Title 11.)

Over the course of eight highly-successful public meetings, the committee drew feedback from residents, civic groups, business owners, developers, DC planners, and elected officials. Based on this feedback, and analysis by the committee—whose members had backgrounds in economics, law, business development, art/architecture, and urban planning—a substantial report was produced, presenting the state of the 14th Street ARTS Overlay Distrct and proposing numerous specific policy changes.

The report was quickly endorsed, not only by ANC 2F but also by neighboring ANCs, community associations, and business groups. The report was submitted to the DC Office of Planning in September 2009. As of September 2010, some of the report’s recommendations have been officially adopted by the city Zoning Commission.

The process of research and discussion yielded enough material to warrant a second set of recommendations, related to economic development, and the committee released a second report in December 2009.

Members of the Arts Overlay Review Committee are now leading the MidCity Arts District initiative, funded by DC Neighborhood Investment Fund grants and endorsed by ANC 2F.