ANC2F Monthly Meeting Agenda June 6, 2012


MEETING Wednesday, June 6, 2012 – 7:00 PM






  • Call to Order                                      7:00
  • Commissioner Announcements                          7:00
  • Report from Executive Office of the Mayor                            7:00
  • Office of Jack Evans, City Council Member, Ward 2-0              7:00
  • PSA 307 Report – Metropolitan Police Department, 3D                  7:10
  • Community Announcements                                                                      7:20

-10 Minute Recess-

Business Meeting 

  • Approval of Agenda                                                                                        7:30
  • Approval of Minutes of Meeting of May 2, 2012                                 7:30

Removal of Ban on ANC Litigation Hearing Update from May 12, 2012 

DCHSEMA/Street Closures                                                                                 7:35

  • SOME’s Trot for Hunger-Kid’s Fun Run and 5K, Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2012

ABRA                                                                                                           7:40

  • B Too Café –1324 14th Street, NW Application for Class “C’ Retailer’s License, The Belga Group
  • ABRA (Jim Graham) Committee Proposals and Hearing-Update and Discussion on next hearing June 12th
  • Mood Lounge Status

DDOT                                                 8:00

  • Primary Care Clinic Proposal, 1400 Eye Street, NW -Johns Hopkins Primary Care Physician’s-Application for a Certificate of Need                                                                                                                 

Education Committee            (Evelyn Boyd Simmons, Chair)          8:15

Crime and Public Safety Committee (Christopher Linn, Chair)   8:25

  • PAC (Pedestrian Advisory Council) Request for Support of Mayor’s Photo Enforcement Proposal

Community Development Committee (Matt Raymond, Chair)        8:30

  • 1451 P Street, NW-Request for Public Space Permit for Sidewalk Café
  • Arts Overlay Status Update, Andrea Doughty (Chair)
  • 1617 14th Street, NW- Request for HPRB Support of Proposed Mixed Project by Hickok Cole Architects
  • 1508 14th Street, NW-Information on renovation and addition by Richard Foster, architect

Treasurer’s Report (Sam Goekjian, Treasurer)                               8:55

  • Approval of Quarterly Report
  • Approval of Expenditures

Adjournment                                               9:00

NOTICE:  The agenda attached to this notice of meeting is provided by ANC 2F in advance of its public meetings contains matters that are expected to come before the meeting.  It is, however, subject to formal adoption by the ANC at the meeting, which may result in additions or deletions to the draft.   Individuals who may have official business before the ANC or persons with interests in specific matters are advised to contact the Executive Director or a Commissioner in advance of the meeting. See for contact information.

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ANC2F CDC Meeting Agenda for May 23, 2012



Wednesday, May 23, 2012, 7:00 PM

The Washington Plaza Hotel

# 10 Thomas Circle, NW

  1. Meeting Agenda
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. 1617 14th Street,  NW by Hickok Cole architects-Informational Presentation on a proposed mixed-use (ground-floor retail with residential) project and one floor of below-grade parking.
  4. 14th & Corcoran (Zip Car Lot)-Samuel Zemui, owner and developer
  5. Arts Overlay Committee-informational presentation by Andrea Doughty
  6. Pitango Gelato, 1451 P Street, NW-Request for Public Space Permit for Sidewalk Café

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Losing One of the Good Ones

I was disheartened, to say the least, when I learned that my colleague Nick Barron would not be running for reelection to ANC 2F.

Nick stated that his decision is driven by personal reasons that involve an exciting new chapter in his life.  To that, I say “bravo,” and I wish him all the best.

Not only is Nick a class act for announcing far enough in advance of the filing period to find good potential candidates in his Single Member District (which will shift in the next election due to reapportionment), but he’s a class act, period.  It shouldn’t go unnoticed when such a solid commissioner steps aside.

Even though Nick is only in his first term, he immediately distinguished himself on the commission.  He has thrown himself entirely into the issues and energetically represented the views of his constituents.  He has shown a remarkable desire to quickly become conversant in the important issues with which our ANC deals.  And without complaint, he stepped up to assume the important duties of the ANC’s secretary when I became vice-chairman.

It also should be noted that he stands out for his communications with the community; he has far and away been the most prolific user of the ANC’s relatively new social media presences.

Residents often complain, and sometimes rightly so, about the overall role of ANCs in the District of Columbia and the specific actions of some of their commissioners.  Fortunately, ANC 2F is known as one of the most functional and collegial in the city, and it’s rare to hear the kinds of negative sentiments that can be heard in other neighborhoods.  You never want your credibility and effectiveness tainted by a few bad apples.

But ANCs play an important and useful role in the District.  Not to play my violin, but commissioners are unpaid public servants doing an often complex and usually thankless job.  You tend to hear from constituents who are unhappy, and the kudos are fewer and farther in between.  Serving can be close to a full-time job if you let it, and usually on top of a paid full-time job and other commitments.  If nothing else, Nick deserves credit for daring to be what Teddy Roosevelt called “the man in the arena.”

A tip of the hat, and my best wishes to you and Chad, Nick.

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Random Thought of the Day

This morning I parked at a metered spot behind one of DC’s famous food trucks–Seoul Food, specifically.  It too was legally parked.

It always warms my heart to see them, because District residents have so enthusiastically embraced them, and they symbolize the best of our entrepreneurial spirit.  The thing was, though, that I was in Arlington, not D.C.

While Seoul Food’s website states that “Seoul Food has started serving in Arlington,” it leads me to wonder how much of this is a matter of expanding their customer base, or whether they are doing it out of necessity because of efforts in many quarters to kill the baby in the cradle with new taxes and regulations.  Does anyone know if D.C. food trucks serving less often within the bounds of the District is a trend?

I understand the intentions of those who are trying to tax and regulate in ways the food truck operators disagree with, even though I find most of those intentions misguided. As I have served on the ANC, I have taken many positions that are essentially along the lines of “we all need to play by the rules,” and if we don’t, then unfairness and chaos ensue.

But I also believe those rules should make sense, and they should encourage–not discourage–entrepreneurship and economic development in the District of Columbia.  And worst of all, rules should never be designed as incumbent-protection schemes.  Another innovative, new entrant on the D.C. scene, the car service Uber, is facing similar problems.

Public policy is ill-served if changes in technology or the way services are delivered to the public cause policymakers to hammer square pegs into round holes, so to speak, rather than dealing with new issues in novel ways.

By the way, the food smelled terrific, but I was still full from breakfast.

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ANC 2F02 Commissioner Not Seeking Reelection

I decided to serve on the ANC, filling an open seat representing ANC 2F02 in Sept. 2011, because I wanted to make sure my neighborhood had a voice on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, and because I wanted to do my part in helping the community.

It is with both of these ideas in mind that I’m today announcing I will not seek reelection as ANC Commissioner.

To be a good commissioner, you need the ability of time and the heart of service. As I shift toward a new and personally exciting phase, I will be possessing less of either. There are personal goals and career ambitions I want to pursue. This does not involve at this time public service.

I’m letting you know of my decision now because it’s my desire to not have ANC 2F02 go without ANC representation when my time of service is through.

Filing for this fall’s ANC election begins July 9, concluding Aug. 9. While early July seems many hot, humid days away, I want to give anyone considering serving on the ANC plenty of time to think it over. And I know once summer takes hold, many of us may not be reading blogs or checking email.

So I put this announcement out there now to give ANC 2F02’s next commissioner time to think it over.

Perhaps you have thought about serving. Perhaps you know someone who has, or someone you think could make a good commissioner. Encourage them. Spread the word to others in the community.

For anyone considering serving 2F02, I’m happy to answer any questions as you decide whether or not to run. You can email me at

In the meantime, I will do my best to fulfill my duties through the rest of my term while the wheels of change propel me toward the next chapter of my life.

As for this website, the best thing I can say right now is to just watch this space. As my life will be transitioning, so will this site. In the coming weeks will change from the online home of ANC 2F02’s commissioner to its next iteration, currently in development. What I can say is that this site will no longer be a source of ANC or Logan Circle news and information.

For those of you who’ve followed this blog, thank you. Staying informed is the frontline of community service. To anyone interested in serving ANC 2F02, spend these next weeks thinking about it, being mindful of the Aug. 9 filing deadline.

To all of you, it’s been a pleasure. I’ve tried to do my best to represent the majority’s interest before the Commission. I’d love to stay in touch even as I slip back into regular citizenry.

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