ANC 2F Gets Underway for 2013-2014

ANC 2F got off to a running start last night at our first regularly scheduled, monthly meeting for 2013. I was honored and humbled to be elected as chairman of the commission by my colleagues. I was also joined by the election of our new vice chairman, Matt Connolly (who will also serve as interim treasurer), and Jim Lamare, our new secretary.

Perhaps just as importantly, we appointed chairpeople for all of our standing committees and went a long way toward filling out the committee membership rosters.  Commissioners are entitled to appoint one member to each of the committees, who must be a resident of their respective Single Member Districts. In some cases, other members may be appointed to committees by the commission as a whole. We will be posting those names in the near future on the respective committee pages.  You can read more about the committees in our bylaws (under Article VIII).

Some of these committees all too often have functioned as “committees of one”–that is, driven largely by the work of a single individual, albeit an enormously talented and dedicated (not to mention overburdened) one.  This year, however, we are seeing in most cases an extraordinary level of interest, due in part to various commissioners’s outreach via social media, email lists, etc.–even to the extent that we changed our bylaws to allow up to five at-large representatives on the Community Development Committee, for instance, rather than three.

ANC commissioners, those who run for the office, and those hardy souls who regularly attend our meetings consistently say that our biggest and most important challenges are conveying to our neighbors the importance and power of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, and how the quality of our work is dependent on people getting involved.  We sometimes bemoan the level of interest, which is probably–and admittedly–equal parts the ability of commissioners to do the outreach that’s required, and not just community apathy.

But this year in particular, I’m pleasantly surprised at the number of people who want to take part and their level of passion, and I hope it continues throughout this year and our entire two-year term. It began with the ANC election campaign itself, which saw candidates running in all eight SMDs, and several contested elections. Not only are contested elections an exception, but before this year ANC 2F had six seats, not the current eight, and we still struggled to fill all of those seats.

It shouldn’t go without saying that the commissioners who were elected (as well as the other candidates who ran) are of a very high caliber.  In all of my four races, I don’t recall seeing a greater degree of overall campaign intensity, insight and ideas being generated.

Suffice it to say that this bodes very well for Logan Circle (a geographical term we tend to use broadly for all of ANC 2F ) at a time of continued, tremendous growth and change.

I invite you to get involved and to stay in touch with ANC 2F by signing up to receive emails, or subscribing to our Facebook page and Twitter feed. And I personally welcome any feedback or comments you have.  All eight commissioners’s contact information can be found here.  That page includes a link to a map to help you find the commissioner who represents your Single Member District.

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1 comment to ANC 2F Gets Underway for 2013-2014

  • Howard Marks

    Nice blog that captures the essence of the ANC. Hat tip for the kind words about the quality of the candidates in the contested elections. Also, kudos for your recognition that although the ANC bears the name Logan Circle, it includes other neighborhoods such as Shaw, an important slice of downtown (even after redistricting) and the largest downtown park outside of the Mall–Franklin Square.