AGENDA: Crime and Public Safety Committee 1/30 Meeting



Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 7:00 PM

Metropolitan Police Department – Third District Station

1620 V Street, NW

Meeting will be held in the Community Room just off of the Main Lobby


  1. Meeting Agenda
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Introduction of Committee Members and MPD officials
  4. Overview/Orientation to MPD in Logan Circle
  5. Logan Circle Crime Stats update from MPD and Discussion
  6. Discussion

a)     Proposed 14th/U Liquor License Moratorium

b)     Human Rights Watch Report on MPD handling of Sexual Assaults

c)     Logan Circle and Shaw/Cardozo Parks – Harassment of residents, loitering, lighting, trash

d)     Violent crimes in the area around 14th and Q Streets

e)     Prostitution

f)       Update on Mayor’s Request for Additional Officers

g)     Update on Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

7. Annual Action/Events Planning

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4 comments to AGENDA: Crime and Public Safety Committee 1/30 Meeting

  • We also plan to discuss the proposed liquor license moratorium at February’s full ANC meeting for people who are unable to attend the CPSC.


  • Zouncerie D. Braxton

    I live in the ANC 6E area, and I attended the ANC meeting on this past Wednesday night; at which time the topic of the proposed 14th & U street ABC License Moratorium was discussed. It appeared that the majority of the ANC’s were in favor of opposing the Proposal. I spoke up and stated that being a non-drinker, I was in favor of the moratorium. I had sent an email to the commissioners prior to this meeting saying that the majority of our agendas have been approving liquor licenses for every little bar and tavern and cobbie-hole in the area. I also mentioned the efforts of the Police Chief to close down some of these neighborhood bars due to recent shootings and stabbings. I wish to know how those of us in 6E who are in favor of a moratorium in this area could be included. Please let me know; I’m willing to circulate a petition in support of a moratorium, not just in your area, but ours as well; hopefully, it could eventually include the entire DC area. Please respond.

  • Petitions are welcome, as are individual emails and any other kind of feedback. Our contact links are above.

    We are looking to schedule a joint meeting of hopefully all four of the affected ANCs to allow public input, and we’re tentatively looking at March 20.

    Keep an eye on this website, our social media sites and/or the news media for information when it’s announced.


  • Zouncerie D. Braxton

    Thank you for your response. I will pass the word on to others whom I know feel the way I do.
    D. Braxton