Director of the City Office of Planning at Tomorrow’s ANC Meeting

Dear Friends,
ANC 2F is pleased to announce that Harriet Tregoning, Director of the City Office of Planning, will be joining us at the April ANC meeting (Wednesday, April 3 at 7:00 p.m. at the Washington Plaza Hotel) to discuss the ongoing re-write of the city’s zoning code.  This process represents the first time that the zoning code has been rewritten since it was first adopted in 1958.  There have been over 1,000 amendments to the code since its adoption, but the current rewrite process will be the first comprehensive overhaul of the code in over 50 years.
The rewrite represents a vision for the future that will have a significant impact on the city and our neighborhood.  Director Tregoning has graciously accepted the ANC’s invitation to attend this Wednesday’s meeting, give a brief presentation on the rewrite process, and take questions from the ANC and the community.  Given this great opportunity, the ANC encourages residents to 1) check out the website for the zoning rewrite project to learn about the process and proposed changes ( ); and 2) spread the word to the community so that residents can attend and hear first hand of the proposed changes.  If you cannot attend Wednesday’s meeting, but have questions about the rewrite project, please feel free to email me directly and I will present them at the meeting.
The significance of this project and the opportunity to interact directly with Director Tregoning cannot be overstated.  The ANC would like to thank Sherri Kimble from Councilmember Jack Evans’ office for arranging the Director’s attendance and offering the residents of ANC 2F this great opportunity.
Walt Cain
Chair, ANC 2F Community Development Committee
Commissioner, ANC 2F02



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