Public Meeting Summary – September 9, 2013

Meeting Summary

ANC 2F Regular Monthly Public Meeting

September 9, 2013, 7:00 pm 

Commissioner Announcements

  • DDOT will be installing a bicycle lane on M Street, NW between 14th and 28th Streets, NW.
  • The District Office of Planning is soliciting community feedback for the redevelopment of Franklin Square Park (between I & K Streets, NW and 13th & 14th Streets, NW). A stakeholder meeting about the park’s redevelopment will be held next Wednesday, September 18, 2013. Contact Commissioner Connolly for more information.
  • The annual Blagden Alley picnic will be held Saturday, September 28 at 3pm. A DJ will start playing at 5pm. Stick around for the Nuit Blanche Art All Night DC 2013 event, from 7pm – 3am in Shaw.


Metropolitan Police Department Report for PSA 307

Master Patrol Officer Jermaine Wilson, accompanied by recently hired Officer Christopher Brown, presented the monthly crime report. Crime statistics remains low for PSA 307, though there has been a small increase in property crimes and theft from autos. Officer Wilson reminded community members to roll up the windows of their cars, lock their car doors, and stow valuables out of sight.


ANC Committee Reports

  • The ABRA Policy Committee noted its next meeting will be September 19, 2013, 7pm at the Washington Plaza Hotel. The Committee continues to consider the extent of its purview and the practices it will implement to streamline and monitor the alcohol licensing process.
  • The Community Development Committee recommended that the Commission accept Brasserie Beck’s (1101 K St., NW) application for a valet parking permit; the Commission accepted the endorsement by unanimous consent. CDC Chair Cain also shared a few updates on the current state of the District’s Visitor Parking Program and indicated the process is still moving forward.
  • The Crime and Public Safety Committee noted its next meeting will be September 18, 2013, 7pm at the Washington Plaza Hotel. CPSC Chair Linn mentioned the Committee’s upcoming Fall outreach event on crime and crime prevention.
  • The Education Committee noted its upcoming meeting on September 21, 2013, 10am at Luther Place church. The meeting will be jointly held with ANCs 2B and 2A, and attended by several area middle school principals, who will discuss their vision and plans for the future of the city’s middle schools.


New Business Items (in Brief)

  • The Commission voted unanimously to recommend that the DDOT Public Space Committee approve the plans for sidewalk and landscape improvements by the Morrison Clark Hotel (1107 L St., NW). The Commission further noted it will recommend to DDOT that the parking spaces on the south side of the block be returned to general public use (the current parking signs reflect the building’s previous use as a religious institution and restrict parking accordingly).
  • The Commission voted unanimously to recommend that the DDOT Public Space Committee approve Café Phillips (1451 L St., NW) request to serve up to 24 outdoor diners on the sidewalk.
  • The Commission voted unanimously to write a letter of support for the nomination of Le Diplomate (1601 14th St., NW) as a potential recipient of the 2014 D.C. Historic Preservation Awards Competition.
  • Commissioners Linn and Fanning noted the upcoming ANC 2F Sanitation, Education and Enforcement Summit, tentatively scheduled for October 17, 2013, at which the Commission will convene residents, restaurant, and business owners along the 14th Street corridor, and various District enforcement agencies to address trash management and rodent prevention strategies.
  • The Commission unanimously voted to recommend that the DDOT Public Space Committee approve the public space application for Ghibellina (1610 14th St., NW) to use the area immediately outside the restaurant’s front door for patron seating. Commissioner Cain noted Ghibellina’s collaboration with the community to ensure only seated patrons will be served outside.

Please note that this meeting summary is provided by ANC 2F as a courtesy for individuals who were not able to attend the Regular Monthly Public Meeting. The information contained here within is not an exhaustive summary nor does it constitute official meeting minutes. The above information may not be referenced in any official business matter related to the Commission. Please see the “Minutes” page of the ANC 2F blog for official meeting business.

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