ANC 2F Meeting Agenda for November 6, 2013



Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 7:00 PM

Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle, NW)



Call to order at 7:00 p.m.


  • Commissioner Announcements
  • Report from Executive Office of the Mayor
  • Report from Office of Jack Evans, City Councilmember, Ward 2
  • Report from Metropolitan Police Department, Third District, PSA 307
  • Self-presentation of La Colombine coffee bar (Blagden Alley)
  • Presentation from DDOT on reconstruction of pedestrian ramps along K St, NW between 12th and 21st Streets, NW (Lee Wilson)
  • Presentation from Office of Planning on Franklin Park (Thor Nelson)
  • Presentation of team proposals for redevelopment of historic Franklin School:
    • Abdo Development and CoStar Group
    • Bundy Development Corporation, Lowe Enterprises Real Estate Group and the National Association of Multicultural Digital Entrepreneurs
    • Douglas Development
    • EastBanc, Inc., Institute for Contemporary Expression (ICE-DC) and the ThinkFoodGroup
  • Presentation by DC Board of Elections on the Precinct Boundary Efficiency Plan
  • Community Announcements

– Five minute recess – 


  • Approval of Agenda
  • Approval of Minutes for July 10, 2013 Regular Monthly Public Meeting
  • Approval of Minutes for October 3, 2013 Regular Monthly Public Meeting

Committee Reports

ABRA (John Fanning, Chair)

  • 1209 – 1213 10th Street, NW / Blagden Alley (The American), Settlement Agreement
  • 920 14th St, NW (Park Place), petition to terminate current Settlement Agreement; APC voted (4-1-1) not to terminate SA
  • License Renewals:
    • 1435 P St, NW (Number Nine) – APC voted (6-0) to support license renewal
    • 1610 14th St, NW (Ghibellina) – APC voted (6-0) to support license renewal
    • 1415 P St, NW (Vegas Lounge) – APC voted (6-0) to support license renewal
    • 1301 K St, NW (Capitale) – APC voted (6-0) to support license renewal
    • 1318 9th St, NW (Vita, formerly Mood Lounge) – APC voted (6-0) to protest license renewal

Community Development Committee (Walt Cain, Chair)

  • 1101 Rhode Island Ave, NW (CAS/Riegler), recommendation of support for BZA request for variances
  • Discussion of Visitor Parking Program for ANC 2F
  • Removal of WMATA bus stop on west side of 14th St, NW (south of Rhode Island Ave, NW), recommendation of support

Crime and Public Safety Committee (Chris Linn, Chair)

  • Consideration of Community Impact Statements for:
    • 2012 CF2 007826: District of Columbia Vs. BAILEY, CARLITO and 2012 CF2 007828: District of Columbia Vs. WATKINS, RICKY C
    • 2013 CF2 011010: District of Columbia Vs. COLE, GREGORY A

Education Committee (Matt Connolly and Evelyn Boyd Simmons, Co-Chairs)

  • Update 

Old Business


New Business

  • Recommendation for Franklin School redevelopment proposal

Treasurer’s Report

  • Approval of Expenditures
  • Update


NOTICE: This agenda provided by ANC 2F in advance of its public meetings contains matters that are expected to come before the Committee.  It is, however, subject to formal adoption by the Committee at the meeting, which may result in additions or deletions to the draft. Individuals who may have official business before the Committee or persons with interests in specific matters are advised to contact the Executive Director or a Commissioner in advance of the meeting. See for contact information.


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