What do you want to see at the Franklin School?


At its December meeting on Wednesday, December 4, the Commission will consider the four proposed projects for the Historic Franklin School, and advise the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development on which project is in the best interests of our community.  The four proposals are:

  • CoStar Group & Abdo Development—Office space to be used as a CoStar technology hub and learning center
  • Lowe Enterprises Real Estate Group & Bundy Development Corporation—Office space for the National Association of Multicultural Digital Entrepreneurs, including work space and affordable housing for technology entrepreneurs
  • Douglas Development—A boutique hotel and restaurants
  • Institute for Contemporary Expression & EastBanc—An art gallery, restaurant by ThinkFoodGroup, bookstore, and café.

The four developers presented their projects at a community forum on October 30, 2013, and responded to questions from the public.  The presentations are located on the Deputy Mayor’s website, as well as a summary of the community’s questions and developers’ responses.

ANC 2F invites your feedback on these proposals.  Please send comments to your local ANC commissioner (see list below), and we hope you can join us at our monthly meeting on Wednesday, December 4, at 7:00 p.m. at the Washington Plaza Hotel.


SMD Name Phone Email
2F01      Peter Lallas            (202) 821-3160         peterlallas@gmail.com
2F02 Walt Cain (601) 941-9869  waltcain@gmail.com
2F03 Chris Linn (202) 669-6771  chris@chrislinn.org
2F04 John Fanning (202) 510-1983  johnjfanning2@yahoo.com
2F05 Jim Lamare (202) 292-1974  jwlamare@gmail.com
2F06 Greg Melcher (202) 713-0457  melcherg@aol.com
2F07 Matt Raymond (202) 744-1921  matt@mattraymond.com
2F08 Matt Connolly       (202) 347-3590     connolly.matthew@gmail.com

Find your Commissioner here.

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