ANC 2F Meeting Agenda for March 5, 2014


Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 7:00 PM
Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle, NW)

Call to order at 7:00 p.m.

· Commissioner Announcements 7:00
· Report from Executive Office of the Mayor 7:05
· Report from Office of Jack Evans, City Councilmember, Ward 2 7:10
· Report from Metropolitan Police Dept., Third District, PSA 307 7:15
· Request for Community Impact Statements, Roger Kemp (US Attorney’s Office) 7:20
· Community Announcements 7:30

– 5 minute recess –

· Approval of Agenda 7:40
· Approval of Minutes for February 5, 2014 Monthly Public Meeting 7:40
· Resolution thanking Commissioner Linn for his service 7:45


Alcohol Policy Committee (APC) | John Fanning, Chair

· February 19, 2014 Committee meeting report 7:55

Community Development Committee (CDC) | Walt Cain, Chair

· HPRB Application for 1225 10th St, NW 8:05
· Informal design presentation for 1516 Kingman Pl, NW 8:15

Crime and Public Safety Committee (CPSC) | Peter Lallas, Chair

· February 19, 2014 Committee meeting report 8:20

Education Committee | Chris Linn and Evelyn Boyd Simmons, Co-Chairs

· Garrison Elementary modernization resolution 8:30


· Settlement Agreement for 1209 – 1213 10th Street, NW (The American) 8:40
· Resolution regarding Settlement Agreement for1336 14th St, NW (Ghana Café) 8:55


· DDOT public space application for 1400 M St, NW(Westin Hotel) 9:05
· Community impact statement(s) for U.S. vs. Peoples (2013 CF2 001589), Long (2013 CF2 1592), and Green (2013 CF2 016141) 9:20


· Resolution to adjust FY14 budget 9:30
· Approval of Expenditures 9:35


NOTICE: This agenda provided by ANC 2F in advance of its public meetings contains matters that are expected to come before the Committee. It is, however, subject to formal adoption by the Committee at the meeting, which may result in additions or deletions to the draft. Individuals who may have official business before the Committee or persons with interests in specific matters are advised to contact the Executive Director or a Commissioner in advance of the meeting. See for contact information.

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Draft Agendas for Feb 19 CDC, CPSC, & APC Meetings

NOTE: Below are the draft agendas for three upcoming ANC 2F meetings: the Community Development Committee (CDC), the Crime and Public Safety Committee (CPSC), and the ABRA Policy Committee (APC) meetings, all of which will take place on Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 7:00pm. It’s like the lunar eclipse of ANC meetings!

The CDC and CPSC meetings will take place at the Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle, NW). The APC meeting will take place at N Street Village (1333 N St, NW – 2nd floor multipurpose room).

February 19, 2014, 7:00pm
Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle, NW)

Call to order at 7:00pm.

  • Approval of meeting agenda  (7:00)
  • Approval of January 22, 2014 Meeting Minutes  (7:00)


  • 1313-17 14th St, NW development dialogue with neighbors  (7:05) moved to March CDC agenda
  • Marriott Hotel project (9th & L St, NW) HPRB presentation  (7:05) moved to March CDC agenda


  • HRPB application for rooftop addition at 1516 Kingman Pl, NW  (7:05)
  • Design and development presentation for 1225 10th St, NW   (7:25)


February 19, 2014, 7:00pm
Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle, NW)
Call to order at 7:00pm.
  • Prostitution
  • Drug dealing and violent crime
  • MPD staff for our PSA, including whether we have the appropriate mix of bike, foot, and car patrols
  • CPSC plans for the year, including long term projects


February 19, 2014, 7:00pm
N Street Village (1333 N St, NW – 2nd Floor Multipurpose Room)
Call to order at 7:00pm.
  • Finalize standards and templates for settlement agreements (SAs)



*NOTICE: The above agendas provided by ANC 2F in advance of its public meetings contain matters that are expected to come before the Committees.  They are, however, subject to formal adoption by the Committees at the meetings, which may result in additions or deletions to the drafts. Individuals who may have official business before the Committees or persons with interests in specific matters are advised to contact the Executive Director or a Commissioner in advance of the meetings. See for contact information.

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Snow Emergency Parking Restrictions Start at 6:30pm

The District plans to declare a snow emergency at 6:30 p.m. tonight, which will restrict street parking on major streets (including several in ANC 2F) and result in towing and fines for impacted vehicles. A snow emergency violation involves a $250 ticket plus towing and storage fees. 

Review the the map of Snow Emergency Routes in D.C. to ensure you don’t park on affected streets:


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February 5, 2014 Public Meeting Summary


  • Commissioner Walt Cain shared news of the Deputy Mayor’s Office for Planning and Economic Development’s (DMPED) selection of the ICE-DC/EastBanc Inc. proposal for the redevelopment of the historic Franklin School. The site will become a contemporary art, performance, and education destination with a café and arts bookstore.
  • Cain also noted the upcoming community forum on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at the Hilton Garden Inn (815 14th St, NW) from 6-8pm, which will showcase the four options DMPED is currently considering for the revitalization of Franklin Square Park.


  • Sherri Kimbel of Councilmember Jack Evans’ shared that the Department of Public Works is behind schedule on picking up Christmas tress and trash due to the recent winter storms. Kimbel encouraged residents to call DPW at 202-737-4404 if their trash has not been collected recently.
  • Kimbel also shared that obtaining a full budget for the modernization of Garrison Elementary is a top priority on Councilmember Evans’ agenda. A meeting about the modernization of the school and project timeline, featuring representatives from DCPS, will take place on Wednesday, February 12, 2014, from 6-8pm at Garrison Elementary.
  • Lt. John Kutniewski ( or 202-359-0914), the new team leader for Metropolitan Police Department PSA 307, presented the monthly crime report. There has been a decrease in overall crime—including property crime and violent crime—compared to the same period last year.
  • Evelyn Israel of DDOT announced the Series 2 meeting schedule for the North-South Corridor Planning Study. The study is part of a DDOT effort to identify and evaluate premium transit alternatives that improve public transport services and capacity along the corridor from Takoma to Buzzard Point. Click here for the meeting schedule.
  • Rita Bamberger from the Holladay Corp., architect Eric Colbert, and Construction Team Manager Steve Weatherbee presented preliminary design plans for a 67-unit luxury condo project at 1309-1313 13th St, NW (current location of the Mr. Wash and Chinese carryout)—a by-right project. Colbert, Bamberger, Weatherbee and team presented design details, outlined the construction schedule, discussed options to minimize construction impacts to neighbors, addressed community concerns, and answered attendee questions.
  • Reverend Adam Briddell of Asbury United Methodist Church invited the community to a briefing on prostitution and human trafficking issues affecting the community. The briefing is scheduled for February 20th at the church. Visit the church’s web site for more information.


  • Commissioner Fanning shared that the APC is in the last stages of finalizing modifications to the Committee’s scope and responsibilities document, which will help refine the Committee’s purview and processes in the future.


  • Commissioner Cain went over two items discussed at the January 22, 2014, CDC meeting: the establishment of a greater 14th & U Business Improvement District (BID) and the possibility of enhanced parking for local businesses and visitors at 1325 S St., NW.
  • Cain noted that the formation of the BID is in its initial stages, though funds have been set aside to hire an Executive Director in the near future. No official BID boundaries have been established.
  • Regarding community parking options for 1325 S St., NW, Cain stressed that the site is property of the Department of Parks and Recreation and that no party has made formal plans or taken specific action regarding the possibility of future community parking at the site. The possibility is in the idea and brainstorming phase. The full Commission adopted the CDC report, which included a recommendation from ANC 2F to the City Council that it explore public parking options for the site.


  • Commissioner Lallas announced that the first CPSC meeting of the year would be Wednesday, February 19, 2014, at 7pm at the Washington Plaza Hotel. Tentative agenda items include a discussion on prostitution in the neighborhood, violent crime, narcotics operations being undertaken by MPD, and community efforts to help stop crime before it happens.


  • The February Education Committee meeting was earlier today at Cardozo High School. The meeting focused on school boundaries and feeder patterns. The Committee is hoping to secure the District Chancellor as a guest speaker for the March meeting.


  • The Commission voted unanimously to write a letter to the ABC Board appealing the Board’s decision to dismiss ANC 2F from standing in the matter of 1318 9th St, NW’s (Vita Restaurant & Lounge/Penthouse Nine [formerly Mood Lounge], ABRA #86037) liquor license renewal. The Commission hopes to regain standing in order to oppose renewal.
  • Commissioner Melcher shared that 1209-1213 10th St, NW (The American, ABRA #092766) has been required to re-placard notices of their liquor license application due to irregularities with their first round of posting. The Commission voted unanimously to protest the application so that the Commission would have an opportunity to negotiate a Settlement Agreement with the restaurant that addresses a number of community concerns. Commissioner Raymond noted that the ANC would withdraw its protest in the future should an SA be successfully negotiated.
  • The Commission voted 6-1 to support the request of 920 14th St, NW (The Park at Fourteenth, ABRA #075548) to terminate its existing Settlement Agreement (SA). Among other reasons, the Commission voted for termination in order to bring the Park in line with other establishments in the Central Business District. 


  • The Commission voted 6-1 to support the Marriott Marquis’ (901 Massachusetts Ave, NW, ABRA #093961) application for a full hotel liquor license.
  • The Commission voted unanimously to enter into a Settlement Agreement amendment with 1435 P St, NW (Number Nine, ABRA #086354) to allow for a live piano player on Friday nights from 9pm to midnight, and to strike any reference to the prohibition of fundraisers in the establishment’s SA. The ANC will support a stipulated license until the ABC Board decides the matter.
  • The Commission agreed to write a letter supporting the modernization of Fire Engine Company 16 (1018 13th St, NW). The project had come before the ANC several years ago but was delayed due to funding issues. The modernization work is planned to begin in late June/early July and will take approximately 13 months, during which time the fire station will relocate to Shaw Junior High.

*Please note that this meeting summary is provided by ANC 2F as a courtesy for individuals who were not able to attend the Regular Monthly Public Meeting. The information contained here within is not an exhaustive summary nor does it constitute official meeting minutes. The above information may not be referenced in any official business matter related to the Commission. Please see the “Minutes” page of the ANC 2F blog for official meeting business.

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Historic Franklin School To Become Art Museum

Franklin School DCist
Image credit:

Yesterday, the Mayor’s office issued a news release announcing the selection of the partnership between EastBanc Inc. and ICE-DC for the redevelopment of the historic Franklin School. The space will be converted into a contemporary arts, performance, and educational destination. The site will also include a new café and arts bookstore. The proposal beat out three others, including a boutique hotel  and a work space for tech entrepreneurs.

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Community-Based Public Hearings for Zoning Regulations

Please see the below flyer about upcoming community-based public hearings, which are part of the first comprehensive revision of the D.C. Zoning Regulations since 1958. The hearings are an opportunity for residents to testify and provide input into this process. The hearing for Ward 2 residents is Thursday, February 13, 2014, 6:00 p.m. at D.C. Housing Finance Authority (815 Florida Ave, NW).

Zoning flyer
Click here to read the entire flyer

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