Aug 27 CDC Meeting Summary

Summary of CDC Actions

From the August 27, 2014 meeting

The following is a summary of official actions* taken by the ANC 2F Community Development Committee (CDC) at its August 27, 2014 meeting, as well as other agenda items that came before the Committee but which did not require a vote. Click on the images to the left to view the full presentation deck (PDF) for each project.


  • Karin Slenczka, Director of Administrative Services at the Residences at Thomas Circle (1330 Massachusetts Ave, NW), promoted an upcoming event benefiting senior residents of the District: the “Age-Friendly Block-by-Block Walk” on Saturday, September 6.
  • CDC Member Joyce Cowan shared that DDOT extended the expiration date of all ANC 2F Visitor Parking Passes from September 30 to December 31, 2014. DDOT is attempting to synchronize the individual VPP programs throughout the city and roll out a unified citywide VPP program in 2015.

Actions Taken:

  • The CDC voted (8-0-1) to recommend that the full ANC endorse the rear yard setback special exception at 1738 14th St, NW for the Applicant’s upcoming Board of Zoning Adjustment hearing. The Applicant returned to the CDC to clarify the nature of its request (a special exception) after an initial appearance at the June 2014 CDC meeting during which the Committee voted to recommend disapproval of a variance request.
  • The CDC voted (8-1) to recommend that the full ANC endorse “Scheme C” for the rear finishing materials at 1250 9th St, NW (The Colonel), as presented by developer CAS Riegler. Commissioner Melcher, in whose Single-Member District the development is located, communicated neighbors’ strong preference for Scheme C, which proposed a stucco finish for the upper three levels of the rear side of the building, clapboard siding for the second and third floors, and stone for the first level. The issue of the finishing materials for the rear side of The Colonel arose after the developer initially installed all horizontal siding, an act which conflicted with the developer’s plans as filed with HPO and subsequently resulted in consternation from surrounding neighbors.
  • The CDC voted (8-1) to recommend that the full ANC recommend HPRB approval for 928 O St, NW, a proposed three-unit residential development in a currently vacant lot near Naylor Court. The Applicant returned to the Committee (after an initial appearance at the June 2014 meeting) with a modified design preferred by the Committee members, and an update on the Applicant’s outreach to involve surrounding neighbors in the project.


*All actions taken by the CDC will be presented at the September 10 ANC 2F regular monthly public meeting for consideration and a final vote by the full Commission. Please note that this meeting summary is provided by ANC 2F as a courtesy for individuals who were not able to attend the CDC meeting. The information contained here within is not an exhaustive summary nor does it constitute official meeting minutes. The above information may not be referenced in any official business matter related to the Commission. Please see the “Minutes” page of the ANC 2F blog for official meeting business.

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