Available Drinking Water During Do Not Drink Advisory for Portion of NW D.C.

During the investigation of potential contamination in a portion of DC Water’s drinking water system, D.C. Water is deploying a mobile water dispensing unit near the impact area in NW Washington, D.C.

The unit is located on O Street between 6th and 7th Streets NW. Water will be available for customers affected by the Do Not Drink Advisory until further notice. Customers must bring water containers, such as reusable water bottles or other large water receptacles. 

An interactive map can be viewed at http://bit.ly/1xrvzFM and directional boundaries are listed below:

South – Q St. NW and Rhode Island Ave. NW 
East – 8th St. NW 
West – 13th St. NW, and a portion extending slightly further west 
North – S St. NW (between 9th St. NW and 13th St. NW) and T St. NW (between 7th St. NW and 9th St. NW)

Do not use water for:

•    Drinking
•    Preparing and cooking food, including washing fruits and vegetables
•    Preparing infant formula
•    Brushing teeth
•    Making ice and washing dishes
•    Giving water to pets
•    Taking showers and baths
**Skin and eye irritations may occur if water is used for bathing and other hygiene activities. 

Continue to use water for: 
•    Washing clothes 
•    Flushing the toilet
•    Watering plants

On December 17, 2014, DC Water received reports of a petroleum-type smell in the water and issued a Do Not Drink Advisory for a portion of NW DC. DC Water crews worked through the night to flush the water distribution system in the affected area and completed flushing this morning. The goal was to flush the contaminant out of the system by running large volumes of water out of the fire hydrants. If laboratory tests confirm this was successful, the restrictions could be lifted today. The source of the contaminant is still under investigation. Those in the affected area should continue to follow the precautions outlined above, and impacted customers should make alternative plans for water use until further notice. As noted above, water is available on O Street between 6th and 7th Streets NW. 

Share this information with everyone who drinks this water, especially those who may not receive this notice directly (for example, people in apartments, nursing homes, schools, and businesses). DC Water will continue to provide updates and customers will be notified immediately when the advisory is lifted. For more information, visitwww.dcwater.com or contact DC Water Customer Service at 202-354-3600 or the 24-Hour Command Center at 202-612-3400.

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