Aug 5 Regular Monthly Meeting Summary


  • Commissioner Tuma announced the School Supply Drive for Garrison Elementary to provide students with the supplies needed to succeed in the new school year. Donated school supplies can be dropped off on Saturday, August 22 from 9am – 12pm at Garrison Elementary School (1200 S St., NW). See event flyer for more details.


  • Sgt. David Terestre provided the monthly crime report, which compared crime statistics in PSA 307 from July 7, 2015 – August 4, 2015 to the same period in 2014. Accordingly, robberies are up from 6 to 8; property crime is down from 65 to 50; total violent crime is up by 1; and total crime (including all aforementioned stats) is down from 75 to 61. Terestre explained that despite community concern that crime is on the rise, the statistics reveal that crime in PSA 307 is actually on the decline (in contrast to other areas of the District where crime rates are indeed spiking). Terestre also shared a “For Your Safety” informational flyer about protecting your vehicle from theft and tampering.
  • The Commissioners thanked Terestre and the MPD’s Human Trafficking Unit for recent sting operations resulting in the arrest of over 100 “Johns” soliciting prostitution in the neighborhood.
  • Sherri Kimbel from Councilmember Jack Evans’ office shared five updates: 1) Evans has been working closely with WMATA to address service and disruption issues; 2) Ward 2 Day at the National Building Museum’s “The Beach” display was a big success, and the next Ward 2 Day will be September 3 at Nationals Park; 3) Evans will be meeting with the Department of General Services in the next week about the delayed modernization progress for Garrison Elementary; 4) a brief summary of the June 30 Ward 2 Community Meeting about homeless encampments, and; 5) mention of the especially productive working relationship Evans has cultivated with DDOT as of late.
  • Eva Lewis, Ward 2 Liaison from the Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services, provided 3 updates: 1) the Mayor’s six month progress report; 2) open enrollment for D.C. public school students to receive $100 in monthly Metro benefits starts April 17; 3) an upcoming Young Professionals event on Thursday, August 13 from 6-8pm at Penn Social, at which senior leadership from the Mayor’s Office will be in attendance.
  • Community member Janice Ferebee encouraged community members to attend the October 4th United to Face Addiction event on the National Mall. The event aims to ignite and grow an emerging national grassroots movement to solve the national addiction crisis.


  • The Commission voted unanimously to adopt the APC’s report from its July 2015 meeting, including:
    • Protest of the substantial change request (from Class “C” restaurant to Class “C” tavern license) for Veranda (1100 P St, NW) as a procedural matter in order to maintain ANC 2F’s standing in the upcoming ABRA hearing;
    • Support for entering into a Settlement Agreement with In Stereo, LLC (Name TBD – location is the first floor of Black Whiskey) at 1410 14th St, NW
  • Commissioner Gordon also informed the community that the proprietor for El Sol Restaurant & Tequileria (1227 11th St, NW) will present its request for a new Class “C” restaurant license at the August 19 APC meeting (current status: protested by ANC 2F), and that discussion between the community, ANC 2F, and Hotel Helix (1430 Rhode Island Avenue, NW) about the establishment’s substantial change request for a Class “C” hotel license for a summer roof garden is ongoing.


  • The Commission voted unanimously to adopt the CDC’s report from its July 2015 meeting, including:
    • A letter advising HPO that ANC 2F’s consideration of the final HPRB concept review for 1001 O St, NW will be delayed due to the Applicant’s failure to adhere to Committee presentation procedures at the July meeting;
    • Protest of the DDOT public space application for an unenclosed sidewalk café at Bunna Ethiopian Cafe (1400 L St, NW), as a procedural matter due to the Applicant’s failure to attend and present at the CDC meeting.
  • As a separate business item, the Commission voted (6-1-1) to support the DDOT public space application (bollard exception) for 1530 14th St, NW, which will allow the owner to install bollards on the corner of the building and a guardrail along the alley-facing side of the building in order to mitigate the damage routinely caused by delivery vehicles using the alley.


  • Commissioner Bengel provided an overview of the July 9 Logan Circle Crime Prevention Meeting, at which Ward 2 Councilmember Jack Evans, MPD Chief Cathy Lanier, MPD Asst Chief Diane Groomes, and MPD Third District Commander Jake Kishter, among other MPD staff, were present.
  • Bengel also briefly discussed the recent homicides at 13th & Riggs and 7th & N, and the prostitution-related arrests made by MPD over the past month.
  • Lastly, Bengel provided a print out of the crime statistics for ANC 2F (which differ from the monthly PSA 307 crime stats presented by Sgt. Terestre), and reiterated Sgt. Terestre’s earlier point about grounding community concerns about crime levels in the reality of crime statistics.


  • Commissioner Tuma repeated mention of the August 22nd School Supply Drive for Garrison Elementary (see “Commissioner Announcements” section above).
  • Tuma also provided a brief overview of the July 8 Town Hall meeting discussion, which primarily centered on Garrison Elementary and the need for neighborhood schools in the District. Tuma mentioned that he had not yet received an update from the Dept. of General Services about the timeline for the modernization of Garrison Elementary.


  • The Commission voted (7-1) to approve the revised $500 grant application submitted by The Friends of Carter Barron Foundation for the Performing Arts. The grant monies will support advertising of the bus transportation that will be available for ANC 2F/Ward 2 residents from Garrison Elementary to the August 22 summer concert series event at the Carter Barron Amphitheater.


  • The Commission voted unanimously to approve the $500 grant application submitted by “Moms of Logan Circle” in support of the 5th annual Little Goblins Parade on October 24. The grant monies will support community outreach expenses.


*Please note that this meeting summary is provided by ANC 2F as a courtesy for individuals who were not able to attend the Regular Monthly Public Meeting. The information contained here within is not an exhaustive summary nor does it constitute official meeting minutes. The above information may not be referenced in any official business matter related to the Commission. Please see the “Minutes” page of the ANC 2F blog for official meeting business.

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