Historic Homeowner Grants Available for ANC 2F Residents*


The Historic Preservation Office is accepting applications for the Historic Homeowner grant program until July 1.

To be considered for construction in FY17, Part I applications must be received by July 1. Part I applications are simple and can be completed in less than 30 minutes. The Historic Homeowner grant program is a popular annual program that accepts applications throughout the year.

Parts of these SMDs* include eligible historic districts:
ANC 2F01, Fourteenth Street
ANC 2F02, Fourteenth Street
ANC 2F03, Fourteenth Street
ANC 2F04, Fourteenth Street, Shaw
ANC 2F06, Blagden Alley-Naylor Court, Shaw
ANC 2F07, Shaw
ANC 2F08, Shaw

View SMD map of ANC 2F

*Note: ANC 2F05 is not eligible for this grant

The program awards grants up to $25,000 to homeowners in eligible historic districts to restore their historic house. The program receives dozens of applications every cycle, but the best projects originate with a neighbor or community leader who take the extra time to help a neighbor. Neighbors and leaders often know the family that needs a little extra help, or the house on the block that struggles to keep up with the neighbors in terms of maintenance. The Historic Homeownership grant program was developed specifically for these District of Columbia residents.

Part I application can be downloaded here:  http://planning.dc.gov/node/590782
For more information on the program, go to:  http://planning.dc.gov/service/apply-historic-homeowner-grant
For a map showing historic district boundaries, usehttp://propertyquest.dc.gov/

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