Draft Feb. 28 CDC Agenda


Wednesday, February 28, 2018 |  7:00pm
Meeting location TBD
Studio Theatre (1501 14th St, NW) | 2nd Floor Milton Theatre
MEETING LOCATION NOTICE: the location for this meeting has not yet been determined. We will update the meeting location on this agenda once determined. We will also send notice of the meeting location to our email list.


> Please visit
www.anc2f.org to see the most up-to-date version of this agenda, which includes any tracked additions and deletions that occur after the agenda is distributed by email.
> Digital copies of applicants’ presentation materials are generally available on the CDC page of ANC 2F’s website 36 hours before the meeting.

Call to order at 7:00 p.m.


· Approval of meeting agenda 7:00
· Approval of January 24, 2018 meeting minutes 7:00


· Pre-construction update on the Planet Word Museum at the Historic Franklin School (2F08) – no formal action anticipated 7:05


· DDOT public space application for new unenclosed sidewalk café at 1110 Vermont Ave, NW / Starbucks (2F05) – status: protested by ANC 2F 7:20
· Request for support of the Leaf Blower Regulation Amendment Act of 2017 7:35
· DDOT public space application for new unenclosed sidewalk café at 1205 11th St, NW/ Supra (2F07) 7:50
· Historic concept/addition of balconies at 1537 15th St, NW (2F02) 8:05
· Historic concept/renovation, partial third-floor addition at 1407 10th St, NW (2F06) 8:20
· DDOT public space application for new direct entrance and ADA ramp at 1101 New York Ave, NW (2F08) 8:35


*NOTICE: This agenda provided by ANC 2F in advance of its public meetings contains matters that are expected to come before the CDC. It is, however, subject to formal adoption by the Committee at the meeting, which may result in additions or deletions to the draft. You may visit www.ANC2F.org for the most up-to-date version of any meeting agenda. Individuals who may have official business before the Committee or persons with interests in specific matters are advised to contact the Executive Director or the CDC Chair in advance of the meeting. See www.ANC2F.org for contact information.

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1 comment to Draft Feb. 28 CDC Agenda

  • Daily 14 Mart


    Both my uncle and myself couldn’t make the Feb. 7th meeting. And did not get any updates regarding the Single Serve Exemption.
    Just curious if there has been any updates available to our request.

    Thank you,