15th & P Bikeshare May Move

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I’m hearing the Capital Bikeshare station at 15th & P, right outside Tortilla Coast, may be moved to across the street, to the northeast corner of the intersection.

Bikeshare bicycles

I applaud this move.

The station’s current location, sandwiched between curb and restaurant, leaves little room for pedestrians on an extremely sidewalk with people coming and going to Whole Foods, Logan Hardware and CVS. Moving it across the street puts the station on a wider, less busy sidewalk without significantly impeding access to the station.

If anything, because there’s less congestion on the northeast corner of that intersection, access to the station will be enhanced, and pedestrians will be far less negatively affected by comings and goings at the station.

While not a Bikeshare customer myself, I pride our city on having a bikesharing system, the first of its kind in North America. And I applaud the District Department of Transportation in trying to find ways to accommodate all modes of transportation, and for attempting to tilt policy decisions ore toward an even-handed approach benefiting pedestrians and cyclists, not just automobile drivers.

I’m sure some could find fault in the possible move of this station, but governance is often about the greater good. By moving the station across the street, I believe the greater good of the neighborhood will be served.

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