ANC 2F Monthly Public Meetings

2018  Monthly Public Meeting Dates
*Meetings are at 7pm on the first
Wednesday of each 
month, except
where denoted with an asterisk 
January 3 @ Marriott Marquis (Tulip room)
February 7 @ Marriott Marquis (GW room)
March 7 @ Studio Theatre
April 4 @ Studio Theatre
May 2 @ Studio Theatre
June 6 @ Studio Theatre
July 11*@ Studio Theatre
August 1 @ Studio Theatre
September 5 @ Studio Theatre
October 3 @ Studio Theatre
November 7 @ Studio Theatre
December 5 @ Studio Theatre
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Committee (CDC) meeting dates.
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(APC) meeting dates.

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Meeting Time and Location

ANC 2F’s regular monthly meetings are open to the public. Meetings are generally held at 7:00 pm on the first Wednesday of the month unless otherwise noted (see dates in the table to the right). For calendar year 2018, the location of ANC 2F’s monthly meeting will primarily be the Studio Theatre at 1501 14th Street, NW (exceptions are noted to the right).

> To view meeting dates for the Community Development Committee (CDC), click here.

> To view meeting dates for the ABRA Policy Committee (APC), click here.

What to Expect

ANC 2F’s monthly public meetings include both a Community Forum and formal Business Meeting. During the community forum, which typically begins the meeting, the public is invited to make neighborhood announcements and to bring to the attention of the Commissioners issues that are not on the ANC’s formal agenda. The Community Forum often includes public safety reports from the Metropolitan Police Department, updates from government officials and community leaders, and concerns from individual residents. The ANC Chair may limit discussion during community forum, given time constraints and other circumstances.

The formal Business Meeting includes items for Commission consideration and vote. Such items often include zoning, historic preservation, liquor license matters, as well as general proposals and recommendations to the District government.

Conduct of Meetings

All meetings are conducted in parliamentary procedure following Robert’s Rules of Order. Members of the audience and those making a presentation before the Commission are expected to maintain a courteous and professional demeanor at all times. Members of the audience who want to participate in a discussion should stand, then state their name and street address prior to giving an opinion. Always wait for recognition from the Chair before speaking. The Chair may limit input from the audience based on time constraints or other circumstances.

Making a Presentation

Those who wish to have an item placed on the formal agenda should contact the Chair of the Commission as soon as practicable, but no less than seven (7) days prior to the scheduled meeting date. In addition, persons with requests for the formal agenda should contact the Commissioner for the Single Member District in which the property that is the subject of the proposal is located, if applicable. Applicants are encouraged to provide the following to the ANC:

  • A summary of the proposed agenda item.
  • A copy of any application submitted to an agency of the District government, if applicable.
  • A draft resolution, letter, or other document for the Commission’s consideration. Such materials may be provided in hard copy and/or via email.
  • A business card or your contact information for the Executive Director.