ANC 2F Rodent and Sanitation Education, Training, and Awareness Summit

Dear ANC 2F Residents and Business Owners:

Our neighborhood is more vibrant than ever with population growth and many new businesses attracting visitors and tourists.  Logan Circle is a tremendous success story, but with progress comes new problems.  One that we’re increasingly hearing about is the rodent population.

To proactively and collaboratively address this issue, the ANC 2F Alcohol Policy Committee invites you to attend the Rodent & Sanitation Education, Training and Awareness Summit on Thursday, October 17th at 7:00 p.m. at the Washington Plaza Hotel.

Representatives from the DC Department of Health, Department of Public Works, and Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA) will make presentations, followed by a Q&A and action planning session.  The tentative agenda is below:

  1. DOH Public Service DVD – 8 min
  2. Community Hygiene Program Overview – DOH 15 min
  3. Trash Compactors – 5 min
  4. DPW SWEEP/Enforcement – 10 minutes
  5. ABRA Complaint Process – 5 minutes
  6. Q&A/Action Planning – 45 minutes

DCist, the Washington Post, and Newschannel 8 have already covered the Summit.  We hope that you or a representative will make it a priority to attend this event.  Partnering and planning as a community can help us improve results as we tackle this problem.

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1 comment to ANC 2F Rodent and Sanitation Education, Training, and Awareness Summit

  • Steve

    4520 East West Highway
    Suite 700
    Bethesda, Maryland 20814
    (301) 908-5574
    fax (240) 465-1188
    Steven A. Loewy, President
    E-mail: “An Old Rat is a Brave Rat” –French Proverb

    October 17, 2013
    Maybe the budget compromise hints at way to go
    Washington – As residents of the District of Columbia get ready to attend a summit to discuss the alleged problem of rats, one local group has been formed to save the rats, suggesting that the recent budget compromise in the U.S. Congress may have paved the way to a solution.
    Steven Loewy, a resident of Montgomery County, Maryland, whose 14-year old daughter has owned six pet rats, organized the Society for the Protection of Mini-Love Dogs (SPMD) to urge caution and compromise in any efforts to control the rat population in the District’s 14th street corridor.
    “Rats, which we prefer to call mini-love dogs because of their innately gentle nature, are instinctively smart, social animals that make great pets and companions for humans,” said Loewy. “While they may exhibit certain aggressive traits in the wild, they are among the kindest animals when treated properly.”
    Loewy’s solution to the challenge of a growing rat population, which he claims is not a problem at all, is to treat the controversial rodents with love, rather than with anger or hostility.
    “Think of it. If Republicans and Democrats in Congress can compromise, humans should be able to meet the rats half-way.”
    Loewy refused to say which party in Congress he likened more to the rats. “That probably depends on one’s political inclinations. The point is that by thinking creatively, perhaps we come to a solution that avoids the rats falling off the cliff.”
    “Rats are really little different than humans in the way they survive. When pushed to the wall, they may seem nasty, even when it is against their nature. When life is a constant challenge to survive, it is only natural to do what one must to find food and protect one’s family.
    “Perhaps, instead of considering some of the drastic measures, such as rat poison, to control the population of these furry creatures, we should consider treating them respectfully, placing them in rat shelters, feeding them, providing welcoming environments for them, rehabilitating them and, in some cases inviting them into our own homes.”
    As a last resort, Loewy advised bringing some of the leaders of the rats to Congress and forcing them to meet in a conference room with local community leaders. “The results could surprise us. Stranger things have happened. Just think about these last few days.”