A Fond Farewell from Matt Connolly (2F08)

Matt-Connolly-photoAs many of you already know, I will be resigning as an ANC commissioner at the end of January. My fiancée and I had an opportunity to return home to Boston that we couldn’t pass up. Although I am excited to move closer to family, I am sad to move from this wonderful neighborhood.

I firmly believe in the concept attributed to Helen Keller, among others, that “alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” My fellow commissioners, my education committee co-chair Evelyn Boyd Simmons, and Sherri Kimbel from Councilmember Evans’ Office probably know my approach better than most, as I constantly seek their help on, well, everything.

We have accomplished a lot in my two years on the Commission. Among my favorites:

  • We worked hand in hand with parents and community members to successfully remove Garrison Elementary from the DCPS closure list, and persuaded the City Council to begin modernizing the school this year;
  • Working with Evelyn, we showed the important role an ANC can play in education issues. With the ANC’s support, we founded the Ward 2 Education Network, which provides a community forum to discuss local education issues. What started as a partnership with LCCA, it has now expanded to include three ANCs and three community associations, in Dupont Circle and Foggy Bottom;
  • Working with Sherri and a host of DC agencies, we resolved a huge rat problem on the 1100 block of Mass that had been plaguing the neighborhood for years.

We have also made substantial progress in other areas, but more needs to be done. We need to find the remaining money to fully modernize Garrison and fix the grounds so that we have the strong neighborhood school our children deserve. The Franklin School building will soon have a new tenant, and we have taken steps to turn Franklin park into a world-class area. Although I no longer can play a part in the work left to be done, I look forward to seeing and hearing about everything you will continue to do.

I am very grateful for the support and guidance everyone has given me these last two years. And to my constituents, thank you for the trust you put in me.


Matt Connolly


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