Public Hearing on Franklin School

A public meeting has been called by the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED) on the future of historic Franklin School (13th and K, NW). The purpose of the meeting is to take community comments on a proposal to declare the school “surplus” property, for which there is no public use. The DMPED will then formulate a proposal to the D.C. Council on whether to declare the property surplus. If the Council so determines, then the second step of the new laws on disposition of DC owned property will commence in the search for taker.

The future of Franklin School has generated much public concern. A number of organizations, either existing or recently formed, argue for retention of the School and for an educational use of the property. Moreover, they point to the historic character of the building (it has historic designation both as to interior as well as outside; was the site of Alexander Graham Bell experiments on telegraphy, the first DC high school, etc.) Supporters of disposition point out that the School is in dire need of rehabilitation, which will cost $35 million, which the City’s budget simply cannot afford.

The meeting is being held at:

1200 L Street, NW, 20005
November 18th
Time: 6:30 PM

Persons may sign up to give testimony; contact: Jared Kahn (202) 213-9215 and Nimita Shah (202) 215-3650.

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1 comment to Public Hearing on Franklin School

  • stu

    what about using it as a vo-tech educational facility. experiential education – learning about architechture, preservation, trade/craft skills, while actually rehabing the property at the same time. im sure there are PPP funds available to underwrite a portion of this. if not, im sure DOE or DOL have grant funds available.