New Bundy Park Amenities Opening Soon

An email we received from Martin Moulton, president of the Convention Center Community Association, encourages Ward 2 neighbors to take advantage of new state-of-the-art athletic facilities at Bundy Park when they are open to the public.  (They are projected to be completed next month.)  From the email:

New Bundy Park amenities brought to the Shaw / Ward 6 Community by KIPP DC Public Charter Schools and its partners: The US Soccer Foundation, Roadside Development, Metro Sports Leagues, and the Friends of Bundy Park.

Look for announcements for opening day community events when the Friends of Bundy will give away hundreds of professional soccer balls to deserving local neighborhood young people.

For more info, contact:
Tom Petty,
Payam Bakhaje,

Bundy Park is between 5th Street and New Jersey Avenue.  Eagle-eyed observers who read the flier might think there was a mistake in describing the park as being in Ward 6.  The park was previously in Ward 5 but is now in Ward 6, per the new redistricting.

You can download a handy flier here.

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