New Parking Program for Logan First, then D.C.?

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If you own a car or know anyone who owns a car, you know that parking in Logan Circle is like the last seconds of a game of Tetris, when there’s no more room for the blocks that keep on coming.

Councilman Jack Evans is hoping he has a solution, which will be discussed at this Wednesday’s ANC 2F meeting. If you have any concern at all with parking, I encourage you to attend to both hear about, and provide feedback on, Evans’ proposal.

Here is what I know:
Evans is proposing a pilot program for at least part of ANC 2F that would make one side of a street for Residential Parking Permit (RPP) holders only for at least six days a week. The opposite side of the street would remain unchanged, with two-hour time limits except for RPP holders. I believe street sweeping rules will stay in effect.

Logan residents who would want to exempt their street from the pilot program would have an opportunity to do so, provided they supply a petition signed by a majority of residents on that block stating they do not want their block participating in the program. There would likely be a time limit on when such a petition needs to be provided.

If the program is successful in ANC 2F, it could be rolled out District wide.

On Wednesday we will learn more about Evans’ proposal, and will want to hear from you, as we as your ANC commissioners will determine if we want to vote on this pilot program and, if so, whether that will be a vote to support or not support its adoption.

Keep in mind that as ANC commissioners, we hold no legal authority. Whatever official action we take on Wednesday will be an advisory action, meaning a vote of support does not mean the program will necessarily become reality, a vote against the program will not mean it is not stopped from becoming reality.

Please make plans to attend the meeting at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Washington Plaza Hotel. If you can’t attend, however, send me your thoughts, or tweet them to me.

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