ANC 2F02 Commissioner Not Seeking Reelection

I decided to serve on the ANC, filling an open seat representing ANC 2F02 in Sept. 2011, because I wanted to make sure my neighborhood had a voice on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, and because I wanted to do my part in helping the community.

It is with both of these ideas in mind that I’m today announcing I will not seek reelection as ANC Commissioner.

To be a good commissioner, you need the ability of time and the heart of service. As I shift toward a new and personally exciting phase, I will be possessing less of either. There are personal goals and career ambitions I want to pursue. This does not involve at this time public service.

I’m letting you know of my decision now because it’s my desire to not have ANC 2F02 go without ANC representation when my time of service is through.

Filing for this fall’s ANC election begins July 9, concluding Aug. 9. While early July seems many hot, humid days away, I want to give anyone considering serving on the ANC plenty of time to think it over. And I know once summer takes hold, many of us may not be reading blogs or checking email.

So I put this announcement out there now to give ANC 2F02’s next commissioner time to think it over.

Perhaps you have thought about serving. Perhaps you know someone who has, or someone you think could make a good commissioner. Encourage them. Spread the word to others in the community.

For anyone considering serving 2F02, I’m happy to answer any questions as you decide whether or not to run. You can email me at

In the meantime, I will do my best to fulfill my duties through the rest of my term while the wheels of change propel me toward the next chapter of my life.

As for this website, the best thing I can say right now is to just watch this space. As my life will be transitioning, so will this site. In the coming weeks will change from the online home of ANC 2F02’s commissioner to its next iteration, currently in development. What I can say is that this site will no longer be a source of ANC or Logan Circle news and information.

For those of you who’ve followed this blog, thank you. Staying informed is the frontline of community service. To anyone interested in serving ANC 2F02, spend these next weeks thinking about it, being mindful of the Aug. 9 filing deadline.

To all of you, it’s been a pleasure. I’ve tried to do my best to represent the majority’s interest before the Commission. I’d love to stay in touch even as I slip back into regular citizenry.

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