Jul 30 CDC Meeting Summary

CDC Meeting Summary*

Jul 30, 2014

The following is a summary of official actions taken by the ANC 2F Community Development Committee (CDC) at its July 30, 2014 meeting, as well as other agenda items that came before the Committee but which did not require a vote. 


  • Committee member Helen Kramer shared that the developer of 1310 Q St, NW is holding off on signing the sales contract for the property because the D.C. Office of Zoning has decided to put a hold to all permits while it considers revisions to zoning code related to “pop-up buildings.” Kramer expressed her concern over the Office of Zoning’s inaction and halting of the permit issuance process.

Actions Taken:

  • The CDC voted unanimously (8-0) to recommend that the full ANC recommend disapproval of the DDOT Public Space application for 1322 14th St, NW (Dolcezza), due to the absence of the Applicant at the CDC meeting and the fact that the Applicant is already using the public space in question.

Other Items Considered:

  • Sak Pollter, the owner of Rice restaurant at 1608 14th St, NW, requested CDC support for HPRB approval of a concept/rear addition to the property in question. Pollter made the request in place of the building owner and project architect, both of who were out of town. The CDC ultimately decided not to take action on the request until the project architect and/or building owner were able to provide additional clarification about specific elements of the drawings/renderings related to specific project elements and potential sight line impacts. The Applicant will return to the August CDC meeting.
  • The CDC entertained community input on the Planned Unit Development (PUD) for the proposed Marriott hotel on the northwest corner of 9th & L Streets, NW, while stressing that no official action would be taken on the issue at the present meeting. Representatives from both the Whitman Condominium (910 M St, NW) and Quincy Court (1117 10th St, NW) presented letters of concern to the Committee. Among other issues, the letters raised concern about the PUD’s impact on compromising access to building loading docks; pedestrian and bicyclist safety; ingress and egress to alleyways between the buildings and proposed development; traffic congestion; and aesthetic and quality of life deterioration. Carolyn Brown of Holland & Knight was present to offer a conciliatory message on behalf of the developer related to its upcoming meetings with the community and its interest in reaching agreement on the issues of concern. The CDC will take an official position on the PUD at a future monthly meeting.

*All actions taken by the CDC will be presented at the August 6, 2014 ANC 2F regular monthly public meeting for consideration and a final vote by the full Commission. Please note that this meeting summary is provided by ANC 2F as a courtesy for individuals who were not able to attend the CDC meeting. The information contained here within is not an exhaustive summary nor does it constitute official meeting minutes. The above information may not be referenced in any official business matter related to the Commission. Please see the “Minutes” page of the ANC 2F blog for official meeting business.

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