Summary of Oct 29, 2014 CDC Meeting

Summary of CDC Actions

October 29, 2014 Meeting

The following is a summary of official actions* taken by the ANC 2F Community Development Committee (CDC) at its October 29, 2014 meeting, as well as other agenda items that came before the Committee but which did not require a vote. Click on the images to the left to view the full presentation deck (PDF) for each project.

SPECIAL NOTICE: The November CDC meeting will NOT be held on the usual fourth Wednesday of the month; the meeting will be Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014, 7pm   at the Washington Plaza Hotel.




Actions Taken:

  • The CDC voted (5-2) to recommend that the full ANC support the BZA request for a 100% parking special exception at 90 Blagden Alley and a 100% parking variance for 91 Blagden Alley. The two buildings will be part of a fully furnished 123-unit residential project by SB Urban. The Applicant addressed Committee concerns brought up at the September CDC meeting, including: a promise to record a covenant preserving the side yard; a commitment to funding the installation and first year of operation of a Capital Bikeshare station; signage installation and a package delivery room to discourage delivery trucks in the alley; a rapid trash pick-up plan for M St; and assurances that residents move-in and move-outs will be minimal since units are fully furnished (including linens, utensils, plates, electronics, etc.).
  • The CDC voted (7-0) to recommend that the full ANC support the BZA requests for rear yard variance relief, parking relief, and FAR relief for 1017 12th St, NW. The owner of the property plans to move his healthcare communications company to D.C. The variances will allow the Applicant to maximize the limited amount of floor space available in the row-home building, which is a holdout property from when 1100 K St, NW was built. The rear yard variance relief will allow for building to the rear lot line, which the Applicant’s legal counsel conceded would close off “at-risk” windows at the abutting 1100 K St, NW building.
  • The CDC voted (8-0) to recommend that the full ANC support the HPRB concept, massing, and final design as consistent with the Historic Preservation guidelines for 925 M St, NW (a proposed, new single residential building with two units). The Applicant’s updated project design addressed Committee feedback from the September CDC meeting.
  • In line with the Committee’s practice, the CDC voted (8-0) to recommend that the full ANC oppose the DDOT public space application for outdoor patio service at 1320 14th St, NW (The Pig) since a representative of the Applicant was not present to address the request.
  • The CDC voted (8-0) to recommend that the full ANC support the HPRB concept, massing, and design as consistent with the Historic Preservation guidelines for 1222 11th St, NW. The proposed project seeks to construct a four-unit condominium building whose rear addition and penthouse addition would be identical in height, mass, and setback to 1220 and 1224 11th St, NW.

Other Agenda Items:

  • The Committee postponed the agenda item about the Planned Unit Development (PUD) for the proposed Marriott hotel on the northwest corner of 9th & L Streets, NW (Square 369). Commissioner Cain explained that he and Commissioner Melcher are leading the ANC’s effort to develop the Community Benefits Agreement, which is a required component of PUDs. Cain asked the community at large and especially neighbors in the vicinity of the site to communicate to ANC 2F a list of desired improvements for inclusion in the Agreement. The Office of Zoning’s website has digital copies of past PUDs on file for reference.
  • The architect for the HPRB concept/addition application for 1428 9th St, NW presented the initial project design to the CDC. The Committee mostly preferred design scheme “A8,” and provided extensive feedback about specific design components. No action was taken, and the Committee asked the Applicant to return to the November CDC meeting with refined plans.

*All actions taken by the CDC will be presented at the November 5, 2014 ANC 2F regular monthly public meeting for consideration and a final vote by the full Commission. Please note that this meeting summary is provided by ANC 2F as a courtesy for individuals who were not able to attend the CDC meeting. The information contained here within is not an exhaustive summary nor does it constitute official meeting minutes. The above information may not be referenced in any official business matter related to the Commission. Please see the “Minutes” page of the ANC 2F blog for official meeting business.

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