Draft Jul. 27 CDC Meeting Agenda


Wednesday, July 27, 2016 |  7:00pm
Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle, NW)


Note: please visit www.anc2f.org to see the most up-to-date version of this agenda, which includes any tracked additions and deletions that occur after the agenda is distributed by email.

Call to order at 7:00 p.m.


· Approval of Meeting Agenda 7:00
· Approval of June 22, 2016 Meeting Minutes 7:00


· BZA variance requests (nonconforming structure, nonconforming use, lot occupancy, rear yard requirements) for 1201 13th St, NW (2F07) 7:05
· DDOT public space application for 1435 11th St, NW (2F04) 7:25
· DDOT public space application for 906 P St, NW (2F06) 7:45
· HPRB concept, massing, and design for rear addition, subdivision to join lots, and rear facade modifications at 1518 & 1520 Kingman Place, NW (2F02) 8:05


NOTICE: This agenda provided by ANC 2F in advance of its public meetings contains matters that are expected to come before the CDC. It is, however, subject to formal adoption by the Committee at the meeting, which may result in additions or deletions to the draft. You many visit www.ANC2F.org for the most up-to-date version of any meeting agenda. Individuals who may have official business before the Committee or persons with interests in specific matters are advised to contact the Executive Director or the CDC Chair in advance of the meeting. See www.ANC2F.org for contact information.

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1 comment to Draft Jul. 27 CDC Meeting Agenda

  • lawrence Wydock

    I received the plans and Notification Notice from the developer of 1316 R Street NW which is next to my property at 1314 R Street NW. Devloper plans to expand on property line a 21 ft long by 20 feet wide addition which will include 8 windows facing my property and 8 windows facing 1318 R Street. As owners of the adjoining properties we will lose complete
    privacy, lost of value and any potential right to expand our properties.

    Does consenting to the Notification Form give by approval to his expansion plans which I disagree or only permits the developer access to my property to perform related work and protect my building from damage cause by developer. Appreciate your Advice. Thank You