11/14 Garrison Elementary Community Meeting

November 14 at 6:00pm

D.C. Public Schools, the Department of General Services, and ANC 2F invite community members to the upcoming Garrison Elementary Community Meeting on Monday, November 14 at 6pm.


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Application Process Open for D.C. Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet

Chancelollor's Parent Cabinet


DCPS is excited to announce that the application process has opened for the second cohort of the Chancellor’s Parent Cabinet to serve beginning March 2015. The Parent Cabinet provides a forum for meaningful dialogue between families, the Chancellor, and the DCPS Leadership Team.

TO APPLY: Parents may submit an online application or send in a paper application. We have posted an overview of the Parent Cabinet as well as all of the application materials here on the DCPS Website. Please share this information with your networks or consider applying if you are a DCPS parent. All applications must be submitted by January 20, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.

For questions and additional information, contact the Office of Family and Public Engagement at ofpe.info@dc.gov or 202-719-6613.

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Student Tutoring Opportunity


Kingman Boys and Girls Club Tutoring Opportunity

The Kingman Boys and Girls Club (around the corner from the Studio Theater) is in need of tutors for children in grades 2 through 7. Tutoring would take place on Mondays and/or Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:30pm.

Kingman has offered a wonderful academic support program for children for many years, and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Allen Richardson, the Kingman Education Director, at 202-483-1210 or allen.richardson@dc.gov

Thank you!!!

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Three Upcoming Education-Related Events

MySchoolDC Enrollment Lottery info session

(Please note, Garrison ES community has added an open house 9:30am to 10:30am)

The Ward 2 Education Network invites you to hear from MySchoolDC:

Saturday, Nov 15
10:30am to 12:00pm at:
Garrison Elementary
1200 S St NW.

This meeting will feature representatives of MySchoolDC, who will make a presentation about next year’s Enrollment Lottery and student assignment process. The school year 2015/16 lottery sign-ups will go from November 22, 2014 through March 2, 2015 (Feb 2 for high schools). Results will come out on March 27.

There will be light snacks.  Childcare will be available.

RSVP to: W2EdNetwork@gmail.com

This meeting is sponsored by the Foggy Bottom Association, the Logan Circle Community Association, and the Dupont Circle Citizen Association in conjunction with the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions from Foggy Bottom (ANC 2A), Dupont Circle (ANC 2B) and Logan Circle (ANC 2F).


MySchool DC EdFEST 

Saturday, Nov 22
DC Armory
11:00am – 3:00pm

My School DC is the common application and lottery for the District’s public school options, both DCPS and charter. As we prepare for the SY15-16 application cycle, we would like to stay engaged with partners like you across the city. We hope you’ll join us in keeping families informed about the lottery process. We will send out this newsletter monthly, with occasional updates in between.

Right now we are busy planning for EdFEST, the District’s only citywide public school fair. It’s a great way for you and the families you serve to learn more about school options (PK3-12) and how to apply. EdFEST takes place on Saturday, November 22 from 11am to 3pm at DC Armory.

With the launch of the My School DC application on December 15, 2014, EdFEST is a timely event to help families make informed school selections for the SY215-16 common lottery. And both admission and parking are free! We will also have interpretation available in Spanish, Amharic, French, Mandarin, Vietnamese, and in sign language throughout the day..

Visit MySchoolDC.org for more information about My School DC, including the dates for next year’s lottery and the list of participating schools. You can also contact us via the My School DC Hotline at (202) 888-6336 or atinfo@myschooldc.org


Language Immersion In Urban Public Schools: Exploring The Benefits & Challenges

(co-hosted by the DC Public Library, DC State Board of Education and the DC Language Immersion Project)

Thursday, Dec 4
MLK Library
901 G St. NW

You are invited to join us for a panel discussion with a focus on the benefits and challenges of implementing language immersion programs in our public elementary schools – both charter and traditional public schools. This discussion is not only meant to highlight the overall value of language immersion but also is designed to be a forum that will engage all stakeholders in a way that will move toward collaborative strategic planning to expand language immersion offerings in public schools in the District of Columbia.


Marty Abbott – American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
Delores Millhouse and Gina Bowler – My Bilingual Child
Maquita Alexander –Washington Yu Ying PCS
D. Lynn Fulton-Archer –World Language Immersion, Delaware Department of Education
Sally Schwartz – Globalize DC
Donna Sothern, Spanish Immersion Teacher – Cleveland Elementary, DC Public Schools

RSVP: http://dclanguageimmersionproject.eventbrite.com
Email: info@dcimmersion.org
Twitter: @DCImmersion

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Education Network Meeting This Saturday

Meet Your Neighborhood Elementary School Principals

Saturday May 17th, 10am – 11:30am

Looking for a neighborhood DCPS Elementary School that would be a good match for you and your family? Current and prospective families are invited to come meet principals and representatives from Garrison, Ross, Cleveland, Hyde-Addison, Seaton, SWW at Francis-Stevens, Walker-Jones, and possibly others. The event will consist of introductions and round of introductory questions followed by a chance to speak directly to participants in smaller groups.

Location: Garrison Elementary school, 1200 S St, NW
Childcare and light snacks provided.
RSVP to: W2EdNetwork@gmail.com

Ward 2 Education Network meetings are sponsored and underwritten by the Logan Circle Community Association, the Dupont Circle Citizen Association and Foggy Bottom Association, in conjunction with the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions from Logan Circle (ANC 2F), Dupont Circle (ANC 2B) and Foggy Bottom (ANC 2A).

Introduction of new DCPS Ombudsman, Joyanna Smith
Saturday June 14th, 10am – 11:30am
Location: Luther Place Memorial Church
(1226 Vermont Ave, NW)

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Upcoming Education Committee Meetings

Both of the below ANC 2F Education Committee meetings will be held at the School Without Walls at Francis-Stevens (2425 N Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20037)

On Thursday, 3/13 at 9:30amDeputy Mayor for Education Abigail Smith will be on-hand to present information and answer questions about the on-going boundary review process.  This session is open to all who have a stake in the boundaries and communities served by School Without Walls at Francis-Stevens, a DCPS school serving  PreSchool through Grade 8 students. No RSVP necessary.

On Saturday, 3/15 from 10am to 11:30amThe Ward 2 Education Network will host a community education forum. This will be a “Community Feedback” session to continue discussions begun at other citywide forums with the Deputy Mayor for Education Abigail Smith and gather feedback for the members of the Advisory Committee that is reviewing DCPS boundaries, feeder patterns and student assignment policies. The session will also preview the coming working groups that the DME will roll out in the next phase of public engagement on this topic. Childcare and light snacks provided. RSVP to: W2EdNetwork@gmail.com

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Next Generation Science Standards explained at Ward 2 Ed Network 1/11

The Logan Circle, Dupont Circle and Foggy Bottom Ward 2 Education Network invites you to attend a community education forum on Saturday, January 11th from 10am to 11:30am at Ross Elementary School at 1730 R St NW. (The DC Education Festival http://www.dcedufest.org/ is on the same day, so spend your morning with us before you head to the Convention Center!)

DC adopted Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) this week, joining eight states (including Maryland). This meeting will feature Maya Garcia from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education (OSSE). Join us for information about and demonstrations of NGSS, which emphasize hands-on learning of science and engineering The focus of these standards is on big concepts that connect classroom learning to how science and engineering impact our communities and our world.

There will be light snacks.  Babysitters will be on hand to care for kids.

RSVP to: W2EdNetwork@gmail.com

Please SAVE the DATE:  On February 8th  at 10 a.m., the Education Network will host Deputy Mayor of Education Abigail Smith to lead a discussion on School Boundaries and Feeder Patterns.  Location TBD.

These meetings are sponsored by the Foggy Bottom Association, the Logan Circle Community Association, and the Dupont Circle Citizen Association in conjunction with the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions from Foggy Bottom (ANC 2A), Dupont Circle (ANC 2B) and Logan Circle (ANC 2F).

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Changes to D.C.’s School Enrollment Lottery

The Logan Circle, Dupont Circle and Foggy Bottom Ward 2 Education Network invites you to attend a community education forum on Saturday, November 16 from 1pm to 2:30pm at the School Without Walls Francis-Stevens Campus at 2425 N St NW, in rooms 208 & 209. 

This meeting will feature Kari Brandt from DCPS who will make a presentation about MYSCHOOLDC.ORG, the portal for next year’s Enrollment Lottery. Megan Hanley, a former community outreach coordinator for Ward 2 schools will also be on hand to answer questions. The 2014/15 lottery sign-ups will go from fromDecember 16 through March 3 (Feb 3 for high schools).

This year’s lottery will combine DCPS and Public Charter Schools for the first time.

There will be light snacks. Babysitters will be on hand to care for the kids in a separate playroom just steps from our meeting room.

RSVP to: W2EdNetwork@gmail.com


This meeting is sponsored by the Foggy Bottom Association, the Logan Circle Community Association, and the Dupont Circle Citizen Association in conjunction with the Advisory Neighborhood Commissions from Foggy Bottom (ANC 2A), Dupont Circle (ANC 2B) and Logan Circle (ANC 2F).

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Joint ANC Education Forum, This Saturday at 10 a.m.

The Logan (ANC 2F), Dupont (ANC 2B), Foggy Bottom (ANC 2A) Education Network, along with the Logan Circle Community Association (LCCA) and the Dupont Circle Citizen Association (DCCA), are co-sponsoring a community education meeting on Saturday, September 21 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Luther Place Memorial Church – 1226 Vermont Avenue, NW.

We are very excited to have Principal Tanya Roane & Associate Principal Sah Brown from Cardozo Education Campus along with Associate Principal Benjamin Williams from the School Without Walls at Francis Stevens to talk about our neighborhood middle schools.  There will also be a short presentation about the Logan Circle heritage curriculum.

There will be light breakfast fare and babysitters, so come join us on Saturday Morning!

Please encourage interested members of the community to join. Also, if you have specific questions you would like addressed, please email us at connolly.matthew@gmail.com and stephanie.maltz@dupontcircleanc.net, and we can pass those along ahead of time.

Hope to see you Saturday!

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ANC 2F Supports Modernizing Garrison Elementary

We in ANC 2F believe that strong public schools are the foundation of a vibrant community.  In support of that goal, we passed the following resolution at our May meeting calling on the Mayor and City Council to modernize Garrison Elementary School in the Fiscal Year 2014 budget.  The text of the resolution is below:



Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) were created to “advise the Council of the District of Columbia, the Mayor and each executive agency . . . with respect to all proposed matters of District government policy,” including with respect to education;[1]

Garrison Elementary School is within the boundaries of ANC 2F, and DCPS designates many families in our ANC to Garrison as their school of right;

The Logan Circle Community has worked to make our neighborhood a place where families want to stay and raise their children, and Garrison, as an important part of developing a strong feeder system, is essential to that goal;

In the past three years, parents have re-established a PTA, developed strong partnerships with local community organizations, reached out to prospective parents, and worked with DCPS to improve the school;

The PTA and community have greatly improved maintenance services at the school and grounds through constant vigilance, volunteer efforts, and consistent advocacy;

The Logan Circle neighborhood has seen significant population increases over the last several years, and DCPS projects the neighborhood will increase by at least 125 children by 2015.[2]  Indeed, the population of 3 to 11 year olds in the area immediately surrounding Garrison will nearly double by 2017, and grow by another third by 2022;[3]

Retaining these current and anticipated families is essential to our community’s continued growth and stability;

Garrison is in desperate need of capital investment.  As recognized in the 2010 Master Facilities Plan:

  • “Many interior spaces are in need of renovations”;
  • “Ceiling finishes are in poor condition.  Asbestos tile is present throughout and needs to be removed”;
  • “Public address and fire alarm systems are antiquated and require replacement”;
  • [Plumbing] Fixtures are outdated and should be replaced;
  • “Wooden exterior doors need to be replaced and all exterior windows have deteriorated and need to be replaced”;
  • ADA compliance is “unsatisfactory” and the building “needs numerous upgrades in order to accomplish [compliance]”;

The school has not undergone a single renovation since it opened in 1964;

Garrison has an educational facilities effectiveness (EFEI) score of 36 percent according to the 2013 Master Facilities Plan—one of the lowest in the District[4]—and is one of the only public schools in the area (DCPS or charter) that has not been partially or fully modernized;

The Master Facilities Plan recommends complete, rather than phased-in, school modernizations;[5]

Professional pro bono services and non-DCPS funds have been secured to defray the costs of modernization, and the PTA and community stand ready to further assist;

The modernization at Garrison has been delayed three times in the last three years, and the Mayor’s current proposed budget anticipates starting the renovation in 2015, with completion in 2022—9 years away;[6] and

Capital investment in Garrison has been too often postponed and is long overdue.  To meet population growth in Logan Circle are and to ensure the diversity, vitality and coherence of the community, we urgently need our community school Garrison modernized.


Therefore, be it resolved that

ANC 2F advises and strongly recommends that the City Council appropriate $16 million to fully fund Garrison’s modernization in Fiscal Year 2014 to allow for a complete, one-time modernization.

[1] D.C. Code § 1-309.10(a).

[2] See DCPS Proposed Consolidations and Reorganization at p. 33 (Nov. 15, 2012), available at


[3] 2013 Public Education Master Facilities Plan at p. 55, available at http://dc.gov/DC/DME/Media%20Releases/newsroom_archive/Press%20Releases/Final%202013%20DC%20Public%20Education%20Plan.pdf.

[4] Id. at 87, Figure 5.30.

[5] Master Facilities Plan at p. 120.

[6] The total proposed modernization budget of Garrison is $16.2 million: $8.1 mm to be spent in 2015, $6.1 mm in 2019, and $2 million by 2022.


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