Commissioner 2F07: Kevin Sylvester

Kein Sylvester, SMD 2F07

Originally from northern New Jersey, Kevin Sylvester relocated to Washington, D.C. from New York City in 2007. He has been a resident of ANC 2F since 2010 and was elected Commissioner in 2014. Kevin has been active in local development and historic preservation issues and now serves as a member of the ANC’s Community Development Committee.

Kevin currently leads the program for development and publication of national standards for traffic control devices for a Federal agency. Prior to relocating to the District, Kevin was employed by the Port Authority of NY&NJ, where he served as the principal engineer for landside transportation operation and planning programs for the container port facilities in the Metropolitan New York City region. Having previously worked for a design firm, he has experience with all aspects of street and highway design, safety, and planning.

Kevin is a licensed Professional Engineer and certified Professional Traffic Operations Engineer. He holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Cornell University and M.S. in Transportation Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.