Education Committee

Co-Chairs: Commissioner Jason Forman and Pepin Tuma

ANC 2F’s Education Committee provides recommendations and advice to the Commission on all matters relating to education within the District of Columbia. The committee seeks to assure improvement of the facilities, personnel, policies, and progress of education for all persons within the District of Columbia, and, particularly, within the boundaries of the Commission.

For meeting schedule and information, contact Ed Committee Co-Chairs Commissioner Jason Forman and Pepin Tuma or email

Committee Members

SMD Name
Co-Chair Commissioner Jason Forman
Co-Chair Pepin Tuma
03 Commissioner Graham
05 Commissioner Rubin
06 Brian Rozental
08 John Veras
At-Large Clay Vickers
At-Large Kristie de Peña
At-Large Kyle Arbuckle
At-Large Jerry Ilar