Community Grants

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2F (ANC 2F) provides limited grants to community organizations to carry out projects and activities that provide a public benefit. Please read the below information about ANC 2F grant consideration and award procedures before downloading and submitting a Grant Application Form.

Instructions for Requesting a Grant

  1. Read Section X of ANC 2F’s Bylaws for detailed information about the Grant Requests process;
  2. Download and read the entire Grant Application Form (see last section on this page) before filling it out;
  3. Fill in the Grant Application Form and assemble all supporting documentation (if any);
  4. Scan all documents into a single digital (.PDF) file;
  5. Email your application to at least 14 days in advance of the duly noticed public meeting at which you would like your request to be considered by the Commission.

Grant Approval Procedures

NOTE: Before submitting an application, grant Applicants are strongly encouraged to read Section X of ANC 2F’s Bylaws for complete information about grant requests, including grant eligibility requirements, application procedures, funding limits, and disbursement procedures.

ANC 2F procedures for considering grant requests:

  1. A grant request must be made on an official Grant Application Form (see below section);
  2. The Commissioner representing the single-member district in which the purposes of the grant are to be carried out shall endorse the request, if applicable;
  3. Grant applications must be submitted to the Commission no fewer than 14 (fourteen) days prior to the meeting at which such application is to be considered;
  4. The Applicant shall make a presentation to the Commission at a formal, duly noticed public meeting and shall explain how the grant will serve a broad public purpose.
  5. The Commission will consider the application and either vote on the application or request additional information for reconsideration at a later date.

Grant award priorities of the Commission include, but are not limited to:

  • Arts and Culture;
  • Extracurricular educational activities for pre-K–12 students;
  • Historic preservation;
  • Neighborhood beautification;
  • Parks and recreation;
  • Crime prevention and public safety;
  • Senior citizens and youth programs.

Grant Application Form

Click any of the following links to download a copy of the ANC 2F Grant Application Form. Please submit all applications to at least 14 days in advance of the duly noticed public meeting at which you would like your request to be considered by the Commission.